Hot Dog Kustoms founder, Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan can only be described as a world-renowned custom painter. His artistic abilities and talents have won him hundreds of awards and his work has been featured in numerous magazines through out the years, as well as on television and in film.


Born in South Carolina, Pete has spent the past 30+ years mastering all aspects of custom paint, including airbrush and pin striping in Southern California. During his high school years, he spent his time skating with the local legends, and with the support of his art teacher, learning how to use the airbrush. Upon graduation, he could be found airbrushing surfboards, quickly progressing to cars and bikes. One technique that Pete took ownership of is flame painting, drawing inspiration from such artists as Rod Powell, “Yosemite” Sam Radoff, and Von Dutch.

It was in the early 2000’s that he landed a gig as the “in-house painter” for the popular show West Coast Choppers, with Jesse James. It wouldn’t take long for him to establish his name, making him one of the most sought after artists to lay the finishing touches on scores of jaw dropping rides. Today Customers come to him with a general idea, and the keys, knowing that what they will get in return will be world class.


We paid a visit to his new shop, Hot Dog Kustoms in Oceanside California, hoping to get a little insight on what goes on inside his mind when he works, and how he picked up his nickname “Hot Dog”. In the end, what I had gathered from the conversation was that although the preparations for each project are primarily the same (color scheme, taping, clear coating, etc.), the patterns and designs are off the cuff, making each piece one of a kind. As for the nickname, he stated… “I just like them.”


For more info on Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan, as well as his shop Hot Dog Kustoms, go to or you can find him on Facebook!