10325640_1562965887271062_4521433889183210436_nI came across a cool Facebook page a few days ago, and I thought I’d share.  The folks over at The Girls of Pinball seem to be having a fucking right good time.  They’ve even got a great new 2015 Calendar of coming out with great shots of pinup-girl-style photos with very attractive ladies playing pinball.  Holy shit that’s awesome.  All proceeds from this crazy cool calendar will go to breast cancer research.  Fuck’n Right!



We here at love the shit out of pinball, and do what we can to unleash the wizard as much as possible.  It can be a bit of a sausage party, but more and more the ladies are coming out to fire the silver ball.  The evil-eyed bashing of a fine machine with the hips of a fine lady only brings this tubby wizard to his knees.  Now there’s a calendar to both keep my days straight, and remind me that ladies and pinball make me right fucking randy.  As a pal of mine would say, sweet potatoes all around the table.

Now get over to that there Facebook and find The Girls of Pinball, and order up one of those fucking calendars for 2015.  You’ll be loving some breasts and saving breasts all at the same time.  Fuck ‘n Right.