Ep. #53: REPENTLESS by SLAYER with special guest RENE LECLAIR (BIN SIFTIN’)

microphone1This week on the podcast, FATS and DAN touch down on the planet 7-Zark-7 to search for Keyop and Tiny.  While on their hunt, they are able to make contact with the earthling Rene LeClair who gives them a clue to the wherabouts of the hunted.  And, oh yeah, they do all of this whilst listening to the latest effort by those mammoth thrashers SLAYER.  Check it out, and then go make some tea – some ‘green’ tea.  Perhaps you can enjoy that green in your ice bong….

Podcast Episode #53: REPENTLESS by SLAYER with special guest RENE LECLAIR (BIN SIFTIN’)

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