Tesla Will Open Some Chargers to All Electric Vehicles

Tesla will open some of its fast chargers, which had been exclusive to its customers, to all electric vehicles by the end of next year, the Biden administration said on Wednesday as it announced a broad effort to improve charging and encourage more people to buy battery-powered vehicles.

Tesla’s network of fast chargers has been a key element in the company’s success by giving drivers confidence that they will be able to charge cars during longer trips. The company’s network also has a reputation for being faster and more reliable than the networks available to owners of electric vehicles operated by other companies. Those chargers require drivers to download specialized apps and often are hard to use or out of commission.

The Biden administration said that 7,500 Tesla chargers will be open to other vehicles by the end of 2024. However, some of them are slower chargers at hotels, restaurants and other destinations that are already available to owners of other car brands if they buy an adapter.

By opening up its network, Tesla will also be eligible for some of the $5 billion that Congress authorized as part of a bipartisan infrastructure law passed in 2021. The money is meant to help create a nationwide charging infrastructure. The administration announced rules for the program Wednesday, including requirements that the equipment be manufactured in the United States and that chargers function without specialized apps.

Companies that offer charging must also ensure that the network is 97 percent reliable, the administration said in a fact sheet.

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Sumber: www.nytimes.com