More Than 300,000 Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Drinks Recalled

More than 25,000 cases of a bottled Starbucks coffee drink were recalled after glass was found inside some of the bottles, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

PepsiCo, which produces the vanilla Frappuccino drinks, voluntarily recalled them, according to a notice by the administration.

The agency said a “foreign object (glass)” had been found. The recall was labeled Class II, which the agency defines as having “a lower chance of causing major injuries or death, but where there is still the possibility of serious enough adverse events to have irreversible consequences.”

It was not immediately clear whether any injuries have been reported. The circumstances of how the glass was discovered were also unavailable. A representative for the Food and Drug Administration could not be immediately reached on Saturday.

The recall, which was issued at the end of last month, affects bottles with expiration dates this year of March 8, May 29, June 4, and June 10.

In total, 25,200 cases were recalled, according to the administration. At 12 bottles per case, the bottles recalled amount to more than 300,000.

PepsiCo did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday. However, in a statement to ABC News, the company said that the drinks were not sold at Starbucks stores and were being removed from shelves across the country.

“The North American Coffee Partnership is committed to a high level of quality in the products we serve,” the company said. “Delivering a quality experience to our consumers is our top priority and we always act with an abundance of caution whenever a potential concern is raised.”