NEWS: JACK WHITE set to release solo LP “Boarding House Reach”

Things were looking pretty quiet from Jack White in recent years as the iconic White Stripes frontman last released a solo record, Lazaretto, in 2014. Now, he’s set to follow up with Boarding House Reach, which is due March 18, and fans can get a taste of what’s to come with the video for the album opener, “Connected By Love,” above.
The single is on the somber side, riding undulating, sustained electronic rhythms that trail off in the distance, swirling back around with swelling fuzz. Despite the lighter mood of the track, White still delivers a powerful vocal performance with his explosive energy opening up the track over the mid-point, rounded out by gospel-styled backing singers and an organ solo.

Meanwhile, the frenetic “Respect Commander”, lies on the opposing end of the spectrum. It’s busy bass lines and frantic drum work eventually fall away in favor of minimalist electronic effects cut with bombastic orchestration samples. The arrangement is hectic, never really settling into one mood for too long, seesawing between noisy moments and spaced out effects.