NOT SO NEW MUSIC: Get Down with Mexican Garage Rock OGs LOS PANKY’S

Formed in 1963 Mexico City, Los Panky’s were among the 2nd wave of teen garage bands, were one off the earliest garage rock goups from La Colonia Federal neighborhood, as well as originators of the Hanky Panky Sound. They got their start in Mexico City under the name of Los Black Diamonds. They later changed the name to Las Animas and released a 2 song ep for Discos Orfeon, one track would later appear on the “Ritmo 66″ compilation LP. The group changed their name once again and settled on Los Panky’s. As Los Panky’s, the group released 2 eps for Discos Cisne, an LP, and were featured on the Hanky Panky 66” compilation LP. The group called it a day before the 60’s were over. 

They released 1 LP, 2 EPs, were featured on MANY compilation, and many issues of “Mexico Canta” before fading into obscurity.

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