When it’s over a 100′ everyday of the week and you need some relief from the heat. This is NOT the place to go, but heck you are already here so press play and relaxe to the sweet & Spicey tunes of PODCAST EPISODE #210 SONG’S THAT GOT’S SOME “HOT” INT THEM!! Drop it like it’s hott, Hot Child in the city, Hot for teacher, it’s getting hot in here, when it’s hot, hot to trot, run hot baby baby run, first you get the heat, then you get the hot, how stole the cookie from the cookie drawer?

On Sunday, the temperatures ranged from the high 70s along the coast and in downtown Los Angeles to 106 in Woodland Hills, 102 in Van Nuys and 116 in Palm Springs. A few records were set for the day Saturday, and the NWS said it appears Paso Robles set a new record for the day Sunday at 108 degrees.

Officials said the hot, dry conditions would heighten the fire risk this week. And the heat is expected to worsen before it gets better.

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