Wok with Yan was a Chinese cuisine cooking show starring Stephen Yan. The show was first produced in Vancouver, British Columbia by the CBC at CBUT from 1980 to 1982. A second edition of the show was also produced in the early 1990s. The popular series was syndicated internationally in United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore for years.

A running gag featured on the show was Yan’s wearing of an apron featuring a different pun on the word “wok.” Some examples are:

Wok & Roll
Wokking My Baby Back Home
Danger, Yan at Wok
Wok Around the Clock
Wok the Heck
You Are Wok You Eat
Wok Goes up Must Come Down
Wok’s New, Pussycat?
Wokkey Night in Canada
Stuck Between a Wok and a Hard Place
Raiders of The Lost Wok
Eat Your Wok Out
Moon Wok
Jailhouse Wok
Superior Wokmanship
Wok Before You Run
Wok Me Amadeus
The humorous aprons also complemented his humour that consisted of spontaneous one-liners spoken with his trademark Cantonese accent or him playing with his food or cookware. That, combined with his energetic personality, endeared him to Canadian viewers. Prior to him preparing his stir fry cuisine, the show usually featured a vignette of Yan travelling to different vacation spots from around the world (e.g., Thailand). He always invited an audience member to come up and eat with him near the end of each episode (there was a ticket draw in the studio audience to sit with him), and had a fortune cookie reading before the meal (first done in Cantonese, then translated in English).

The show also aired in the Caribbean during the same period on TTT Trinidad and Tobago Television.

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