REVIEW: Kushy Punch TKO 200mg of pure TCH


“The Kushy Punch team calls this infused product the TKO because of its high level of THC. Infused with 200mg of pure THC, the Kushy Punch T.K.O. is ideal for patients who have a very high tolerance and need a higher dose of cannabinoids than the average first-time patient.”  

And that’s what I like! Man I love this product, I grab a couple of these bad boys for the weekend and I am set. I love the fact the the effects last for a good 10 hours! You are good for the day,MEANING you can not think of driving let alone walking……oh snap! -dan duhman-

Sectioned into 4 pieces (like the other flavors), each bite is infused with roughly 50mg THC — so be careful with your dosing and start slow. The thick, gummy texture allows for a small bite to last a long time. I found the Kushy Punch texture to be similar to a fruit roll-up or fruit-by-the-foot.
Instead of focusing on just one cannabinoid, the Kushy Punch team uses a whole plant extract for this product. They do this to get all the health benefits of the rest of the plant (along with the THC that most people look for).With its grape flavor and whole-plant extract, this infused edible comes loaded other cannabinoids besides THC. I honestly did not like the taste of the T.K.O. Kushy Punch. The Sativa and Hybrid candies have much better terpene and flavor profiles — but that is just my opinion, what is yours?

We start with YOU in mind of course. The patient. Beginning the process with the most natural and freshest products we can find, we then mix ingredients known to be safe and effective in treating multiple disorders and illnesses. We go deep into the mountains to curate the freshest cannabis plants for our extraction process. As a result, we’re able to yield the purest cannabis oils ever found on the planet. We never give you the cheaper alternative. Our extraction methods are solvent-free and pure. The end result is a medicine that is not only good for the mind, body, & soul but also for the tastebuds.