Podcast Episode #171 RAISING PUNK ROCK KIDS part 2

This week we get down with PODCAST EPISODE #171 RAISING PUNK ROCK KIDS part 2. Now if you recall in PODCAST EPISODE #89 RAISING PUNK ROCK KIDS part 1 we played music that was around in the early 1970’s that might have influenced our young ears. Now we need to play some of the essentials artists that are necessary for the youth of today ( not the band) to listen to so they become out standing punk rockers in their own communities. Its all there folks, RAMONES, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, MISFITS, HUSKER DU, JELLO BIAFRA, HENRY ROLLINS, AC/DC, MINOR THREAT, check it out!!  

PODCAST EPISODE #171 Raising Punk Rock Kids pt2

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