NEWS: Deep Purple Accountant “Allegedly” Siphoned Nearly $5 Million From Band

As one of the largest and most successful rock groups in music history, the Deep Purple camp runs deep with many working behind the scenes in all facets of the band’s management. As The Times reports [via Blabbermouth], the rock legends have filed a lawsuit against their longtime accountant for allegedly misappropriating funds from Purple’s financial companies, HEC Enterprises as well as Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd.deep
Dipak Shanker Rao has been accused of siphoning off £4 million (roughly $4.93 million) in band royalties and acknowledged “borrowing” or “lending” a minimum of £2.7 million that belonged to the companies. Of this amount, only £477,000 has been reclaimed at this point and both companies entered administration in February of last year, an act intended to protect a company from creditors while the organization draws up an alternative plan of action in which to proceed with operations.
Former guitarist Ritchie Blackmore sued HEC Enterprises and Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd. in 2015 after an audit discovered he had not been paid just over $1 million on owed royalties.