Mark Hunt is not about to go gentle into that good night.

After his UFC 200 opponent, Brock Lesnar, was notified of a potential doping violation in connection with their fight earlier this month, Hunt said he wanted Lesnar’s full fight purse for the event – a record $2.5 million for a disclosed payday, which doesn’t include pay-per-view money and other undisclosed compensation that Lesnar likely received (via Twitter):
Then Lesnar was notified that a second test, taken on July 9 – fight night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas – also had a potential issue.

mark2And now, well … if Hunt (12-10-1 MMA, 7-4-1 UFC) was merely aggravated before – he said before the fight he believed Lesnar (5-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC) was “juiced to the gills” – he has progressed to flat-out furious.

On Monday on “The MMA Hour,” Hunt told host Ariel Helwani he doesn’t want to be part of the UFC anymore unless something is done differently about fighters who are failing drug tests.

“No one’s bothered to call me about anything about those cheating mother(expletive),” Hunt said. “You know what’s the worst thing about the whole scenario? The UFC’s not doing (expletive) about it. They’re not doing a damn thing about these cheating monkeys. This is the third time I’ve fought someone’s who’s been cheating. You lose 20 percent when you miss weight. But when you get caught for doping, for sticking needles in your ass, what do you get? You get nothing. They just give you, ‘Here’s a two-year ban. See you later.’”

MARKKKKHunt also recently has fought Antonio Silva and Frank Mir – and both tested positive following the fights.

At UFC 200, Lesnar returned from a nearly five-year layoff from MMA to grind out Hunt in the co-main event. But then after the event, he was notified of a potential anti-doping violation from a June 28 out-of-competition test.

“Before the fight, I was assuming he was cheating,” Hunt said. “Look at him. There’s no way that guy makes 265 pounds. The guy’s a gimp. He’s sticking needles in his ass like the rest of these cheaters. … These guys are cheating, and they should be in court for it – lose all their money for cheating. If I die in there, who’s going to look after my family? … These mother(expletive) should be penalized hard. Dirty, scummy, cheating scum – that’s how that monkey won his world title. You didn’t do it by doing it clean. You did it by cheating.”

Hunt said if something better can’t be done to protect fighters who test clean from fighters who don’t, then he wants out of the UFC.

“I don’t want to be part of this company unless they do something about this (expletive),” he said. “… If you’re going to make it a cheating sport, let’s all (expletive) cheat, and let’s see who’s the first person to die.