NEWS: Remembering Andrew (Amps) MacPhail


NOTE: This was posted on GRADY’s facebook, and got me to thinking about the toronto band THE PHANTOMS.

Andrew (Amps) MacPhail passed away peacefully last night in Toronto with his wife Kat by his side. Amps was a wonderful man.
My band The Phantoms hired him to do lights for us for a one off gig at Lees Palace in late 87, and he loved the band so much that he never left. He became our LD and road manager, and because he was a little older and wiser, we all looked up to him. ph
Amps loved to laugh and joke and upon arrival he would sidle up to me and say “Hey Handsome” and then erupt into a full throated belly laugh.
We were the only drivers in the band and spent many a 12 hour drive smoking hash and discoursing on the wonders of the world.
Amps was driving when we were rear ended and our van overturned and totaled by a drunk driver on Nov 11, 1990. It was a Remembrance Day we would never forget.
Amps may have left his body last night, but he will live on inside me with all the wonderful happy and awesome memories I have of the time we spent together, united and glorious. Adios my brother. I love you Amps. Rest In Peace