D.I.Y. Mother Fucker: THE PRINGLES JAR


When it comes to Pringles Potato Chips, there is a popular saying that even those with only a passing familiarity of the brand know. You know it, say it with me: Once you pop, the fun don’t stop. Those infamous, stackable chips live up to their hype. Tasty and uniquely packaged, they are hard to forget and even harder to put to one side when snack time ends.

Their cyclindrical canisters are part of what makes them just so memorable. Now you can keep your Pringles containers around without looking like a hoarder! Seriously, with a little bit of cleanup, some inspiration, and imagination, Pringles cannisters are among the easiest household ‘trash’ that can be reused as treasure.prrrrr

Sounds like commercial right, but 100% true. As mentioned many times on the podcast I have been using my PRINGLES JAR as a PISS JAR! A good 7 months of Pissing and NaDa problems. That is holding together like CHAMP!

Check out PODCAST EPISODE #67  and try guess what everyones getting for X-MAS this year. Shit, they even come scented!