CHECK IT OUT: Wild At Heart Bands-Bar-DJs & BERLIN


Mingle between the Elvis portrait, the Jesus doggies, plastic gizmos, rockers, punks, rude boys, the tattooed masses and the sexiest bar staff in town. The club is a bizarr of trinkets and entertainment treats. Every night music – live acts from all over, guitar – rock the wild house. br
Djs and juke box kicks in just when you thought it was safe.
wild at heart berlin
This is a great place to have a loud drink, rub leathers and get yourself well stuck in for the night. If your’re tough ‘n cool, a real road movie deadringer, you have found yourself a lively, loose, loveable den of iniquity.
Get yer motor running!


Wiener Str. 20
10999 Berlin
ph.: 030-61074701
fax: 030-61074702

open Thursday – Saturday (and when Shows) 8. p.m – open end