NEWS: Poopookakandthebumbums 23 Years in The Making


PPKKBB (PoopookakandtheBumbums) started in the spring of ’92 in the basement of The Ranch party house on Highgate road in Ottawa’s west end. The members, who now would prefer to remain anonymous do to public humiliation, were Cruds front-man Geoff Lindley of Dominion Tavern drinking fame; Ryan Kerr a.k.a. Fatboy a.k.a. Fat Bitch a.k.a. Scrubb, who went on to sing in the Phantom Shifters (and a few other bands not worth naming); Trevor Borrens of the infamous The Decepticons, The Trevor Borrens Band, and who is now a human fridgemagnet factory; Lowbrow artist  Dirty Donny ; and finally Dan Duhman,of and The Decepticons and Phantom Shifters fame.

“Basically we stunk and couldn’t play our instruments which was the case through our 2 year reign of terror. It was a joke, another project erected out of boredom that got taken too far.”poo1

PPKKBB had been jamming a few months and had done a few meaningless gigs when they got asked to play this hippy bar “The Glue Pot Pub”. No one showed up to the event and they ended up getting drunk, having a fist fight with the sound man and wrecking the band room. Turned out the booker called every club in Ottawa and told them not to book PPKKBB because they were trouble. Shane Smith, now of Vice Magazine fame, was booking the Thunderdome, an alternative punk rock joint located on the strip in Hull. He phoned the band up and said he heard they were trouble and asked if they would we like to play a gig at his club. They played a couple shows there opening for Random Killing and DRI (who turned down a street hockey challenge).ppkkn

“That got us rolling and for some reason we got piles of gigs. I think people were either afraid of us or were curious about the name and rumors.”

PPKKBB ended up playing a lot of shows and got voted “the worst band name in the world” by the Ottawa Sun, which was met with great honor by the band. Geoff and Trevor later split the band; they played on a few more gigs and called it quits.