NEWS: Disastroid Release 7″ Vinyl

Love is What you Bring on Home 7″Vinyl

Enver Konyea (Guitar/Vocals) – Travis Williams (Bass) – Braden McGaw (Drums)

Thanks to technology granting us instant information, it’s become that much more convenient and easy for a heavy music fan to discover new bands on a whim.  However, the reality being the genre has become heavily saturated with the millennial generation discovering Black Sabbath in the internet age, therefore having great, uncompromising and deserving groups often go overlooked!  The San Francisco power trio, Disastroid, is not a name that most would recognize at first on the heavy rock smorgasbord but with a back catalog of three full lengths and a handful of E.P’s, it’s time that you know who these guys are and what they’re about.dis


How best to summarize Disastroid? Imagine Helmet’s Strap It On being the soundtrack to an intergalactic battle that pitted the three headed King Ghidorah against Frank Kozik, David Yow and George Carlin.  THAT’S Disastroid in quick summary form!

Disastroid is releasing their first offering of 2016 in the form of a 7” E.P. entitled Love Is What You Bring On Home. Two tracks that carry on the power trio’s sound of frantic yet harmonious riffs/chord structures by guitarist/vocalist Enver Koneya, low end counterpart Travis Williams and battery man Braden McGaw. The A-side, being the title track, is an attack on the central nervous system consisting of harsh single note riffing and fast paced time changes. The B-side concludes with “Gadabout”, a harmonious up tempo track that mellows the listener from side A’s onslaught. The album is a solid combination of math rock with some stoner elements in place to calm nerves. Aesthetics of these guys would match very well with a fan of the Man’s Ruin Records and Amphetamine Reptile Records rosters.

True to their nature of supporting local business, all production aspects for Love Is What You Bring On Home was kept within the confines of San Francisco with recording by Josh Garcia at Motor Studios, mastering by John McBain at JPM Mastering and pressed handled by renowned Pirates Press.  Cover illustration and artwork the creation of notable Bay Area artist Aaron John Gregory, whose work has been featured on album covers by Giant Squid and Helms Alee.

Love Is What You Bring On Home is due out in January on 7” vinyl and available through all streaming and download providers and is their sixth self release as a band. 

Track Listing 

Side A – “Love Is What You Bring On Home” (2:06)

Side B – “Gadabout” (5:05)