IDIOT OF THE WEEK: Tommy Lee got trapped on a rollercoaster at Motley Crue’s final show

Years have gone by since this assclown did his first flipity flop with his drum set during the Girls Girls Girls tour, and frankly, it was stupid then.  I guess the Drummer-gets-stuck-‘upside-down’-on-a-rollercoaster_1best way to mask that you’re a shitty drummer trying to do a drum solo is turn the spectacle into a circus act so folks can ‘ooh and ahh’ over something other than booing your shitty solo.  Sorry Mr. Lee, you may have impressed some with your boating video, but the drum flip thing was lame 25 years ago, and this rollercoaster bullshit is a colossal waste of space and crew energy to set up.  I’m surprised it took this long to fall apart on you, and it’s fitting that it happened on your last show.  You couldn’t even have the decency to show us some drum grooves while you were stuck up there.  Maybe it’s because you couldn’t give a shit, but it’s more likely because you just don’t have the chops.  For this, you are easily the Idiot of the Week. – FATS