THE REEL BINGE with Lee Ostler: THE BEST OF 2015

Just one man’s opinion, in no way a prediction of the “Awards Season” which is total waste of time. I have put unhealthy amount of time into this. Remember, I watch just about anything I can get my hands on. I avoid knowing as much as I can before watching anything. The result is that I watch an insane amount of fucking trash looking for a gem (when it happens, its magic.). Also, I could have a different opinion tomorrow. I’m virtually certain that I’ve overlooked, misjudged and/or straight up fucking forgotten something. The seemingly random numbers in each category are because I felt like it. Movies are the shit. I know it’s the second coming of TV and I love it, but great film is just such a beautiful thing.  I hope this helps inform your viewing choices.

*There are a few flicks I haven’t seen that could ultimately change some of my picks. The tops being…

“Son of Saul” because  no matter how well reviewed, I simply can’t bring myself to watch another Holocaust film, especially one where a guy tries to find an appropriate burial site for the corpse of his child. “The Assassin” .Apparently just jaw dropping beautiful , “Anomalisa”. Charlie Kaufman penned animated feature that’s supposed to be outstanding and unique., “Tangerine”. Etc. Etc There’s always something else to watch…. I also didn’t watch a single foreign language film from this year. I tend to be a year behind on those. I tried to watch “White God” (2015), but the dog went mental.

New Years Prediction: Rizin FF  will last forever. Never Die!

the-revenant-poster.jpg.838x0_q80Best Film:

  1. The Revenant“.
  2. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  3. “The Hateful Eight”
  4. “Ex-Machina”
  5. “The Martian”
  6. “Spotlight”
  7. “The Big Short”
  8. “Spectre”
  9. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  10. “Inside Out”

11.”The Lobster”

  1. “Trumbo”
  2. “Youth”
  3. “Furious 7”
  4. “Mr. Holmes”
  5. “Ant Man”
  6. “Chi-Raq”
  7. “Magic Mike XXL”
  8. “Sicario”
  9. “Creed”
  10. “Steve Jobs”
  11. “KIngsman: The Secret Service”


revenant-poster-tom-hardy1Best Directing: 

  1. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, “The Revenant”
  2. George Miller, “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  3. Alex Garland, “Ex-Machina”
  4. Ridley Scott, “The Martian”
  5. Quentin Tarantino, “The Hateful Eight”
  6. Adam McKay, “The Big Short”
  7. Tom MacCarthy, “Spotlight”
  1. Sam Mendes, “Spectre”
  2. Spike Lee, “Chi-Raq”
  3. Steven Spielberg, “Bridge of Spies”
  4. Jay Roach, “Trumbo”.


Best Cinematography: 

  1. Emmanuel Lubezki, “The Revenant”
  2. John Seale, “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  3. be240428821047.55d3fa67d63caDariusz Wolski, “The Martian”
  4. Robert Richardson, “The Hateful Eight”
  5. Daniel Mindel, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”


Best Actor in a Leading Role:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Revenant”
  2. Matt Damon, “The Martian”
  3. Samuel L. Jackson, “The Hateful Eight”
  4. Bryan Cranston, “Trumbo”
  5. Ian McKellan, “Mr. Holmes”
  6. Steve Carell, “The Big Short”


Best Actor in a Supporting Role: (There are so many great roles in this category, it’s a little ridiculous)

  1. 974ea7926cb146635c14cbedb40cedb6Tom Hardy, “The Revenant”
  2. Oscar Isaac, “Ex-Machina”
  3. Walton Goggins, “The Hateful Eight”
  4. Benicio Del Toro, “Sicario”
  5. Paul Dano, “Love & Mercy”
  6. Michael Keaton, “Spotlight”
  7. Mark Ruffalo”Spotlight”
  8. Liev Schreiber, “Spotlight”
  9. Christian Bale, “The Big Short”
  10. Michael Shannon, “99 Homes”
  11. Ryan Gosling, “The Big Short”
  12. Sylvester Stallone, “Creed”
  13. Samuel L. Jackson, “Chi-Raq”


tY3sbBZBest Actress in a Leading Role: 

  1. Charlize Theron, “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  2. Emily Blunt, “Sicario”
  3. Teyonah Parris, “Chi-Raq”
  4. Amy Schumer, “Trainwreck”
  5. Amy Poehler, “Inside Out”


Best Actress in a Supporting Role: 

  1. Rachel McAdams, “Spotlight”
  2. Helen Mirren, “Trumbo”
  3. Kate Winslet, “Steve Jobs”
  4. Laura Linney, “Mr. Holmes”
  5. Jennifer Jason Leigh, “The Hateful Eight”


Best Documentary Feature: (A tough one because there are several, well-regarded ones that I just haven’t seen yet)

amywinehouse-poster1.“Amy”, Dir. Asif Kapadia

2.”What Happened, Miss Simone?”, Dir. Liz Garbus

3.”Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief”, Dir. Alex Gibney

  1. “Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman”, Dir. Adam Carolla, Nate Adams
  2. “The Wolfpack”, Dir. Crystal Moselle

6.”Meru”, Dir. Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

  1. “Call Me Lucky”, Dir. Bobcat Goldthwait

8.”The Wrecking Crew”, Dir. Denny Tedesco, Danny Tedesco

  1. “Dawg Fight”, Dir. Billy Corben
  2. “Orion: The Man Who Would be King”, Dir.Jeanie Finlay

11.”Cartel Land”, Dir. Matthew Heineman

12.”Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck”, Dir. Brett Morgan

13.”Best of Enemies”, Dir. Morgan Neville, Robert Gordon

  1. “Tig”, Dir. Kristina Goolsby, Ashley York
  2. “Deep Web”. Dir. Alex Winter
  3. “Mr Calzaghe”, Dir. Vaughn Sivell
  4. “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?”, Dir, Jon Schnepp
  5. “The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts”, Dir. Steve Yu
  6. “Daft Punk Unchained”, Dir. Herve Martin-Delpierre
  7. “Racing Extinction”, Dir. Louie Psihoyos


ZZ5D36F569Best Film Editing: 

1.Margret Sixel, “Mad Max: Fury Road”

2.Stephen Mirrione,”The Revenant”

3.Fred Raskin, “The Hateful Eight”

4.Tom McArdle, “Spotlight”

5.Maryann Brandon, Mary Ko Markey, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Best Visual Effects:

  1. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
  2. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  3. “The Martian”
  4. “Ex-Machina”
  5. “The Walk”


martian_ver6Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay):

  1. Drew Goddard, “The Martian”
  2. Adam McKay, Charles Randolph, “The Big Short”
  3. Spike Lee, Kevin Willmott, “Chi-Raq”
  4. Johh McNamara, “Trumbo”

5.Aaron Sorkin, “Steve Jobs”

  1. Emma Donghue, “Room”
  2. Donald Marguiles, “The End of the Tour”


Best Writing (Original Screenplay): 

  1. Tom McCarthy, Josh Singer, “Spotlight”
  2. Alex Garland, “Ex-Machina”
  3. Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou, “The Lobster”
  4. 2B89064B00000578-0-image-a-25_1440115471750Peter Docter, Meg LeFauvre, Josh Cooley, “Inside Out”
  5. Bill Condon, “Mr. Holmes”


Best Animated Feature: (Easy, I only saw one from this year. I’m hard pressed to watch animated features, which does not mean  I don’t enjoy them)

“Inside Out”

* “Anomalisa” is supposed to be fantastic and unique stop-motion.


Best Costume Design: 

  1. image1“Carol”


Best Makeup and Hairstyling: 

1.“Mad Max: Fury Road”


Best Original Score:

  1. Disasterpeace, “It Follows”


Best Original Song: 

  1. It’s My Turn Now”- Awreeoh, “Dope”


star-wars-force-awakens-official-posterBest Production Design: 

1.“Crimson Peak”


Best Sound Editing:  

1.“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”


Best Sound Mixing: 

1.“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”