7439_10151526195028386_380265539_nCombining sixties garage, mod, ’77 punk rock, psychedelia and their devotion to bands like The MC5, The Monks, and The Music Machine, The Jackets bring a dynamic recipe to the garage rock ‘menu’. What is important to note is that the Jackets are a Rock and Roll band – but it’s the ROLL that makes the ROCK just that little bit better!

The Jackets are Jack Torera (aka Jackie Brutsche) formerly the guitarist for the girl group The Mad Cowgirl Disease from Bern and singer of the Zurich combo The Fox, Chris Rosales, an American who moved to Switzerland in 1994 from Los Angeles, formerly the drummer of Voodoo Rhythm Records bands, Lightning Beat-Man and the Never Heard of ‘Ems, Reverend Beat-Man and the Unbelievers and The Get Lost (with ex Miracle Workers Gerry Mohr and Robert Butler) and Samuel ‘Schmidi’ Schmidiger, singer and guitar player for The Budget Boozers.

483675_10151391003493386_1122578242_nIn 2007 Jack Torera teamed up with Chris Rosales to form The Trash Department, a two-piece, low-fi noise band. Later that year they joined forces with Severin Erni former bass player of Tight Finks and The Jackets were born. In November of 2008 Samuel ‘Schmidi’ Schmidiger replaced Erni on bass and the rest is history. The Jackets released their debut album “Stuck Inside” in August of 2009 on Subversiv Records (Switzerland) and their second album “Way Out” in March of 2012 on Soundflat Records (Germany). On the 11th September 2015 they will release their latest album “Shadows Of Sound” on Voodoo Rhythm Records that was recorded and produced at Estudios Circo Perrotti by Jorge Explosion.

The Jackets have electrified concert-goers in every major city in Switzerland and have also played or toured in Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain sharing the stage with bands like Baby Woodrose, The Monsters, Magnetix, King Kahn & BBQ, Lyres, Gonn and The Sonics.