SongoftheDay: CHANGES (Black Sabbath cover) by CHARLES BRADLEY

SongoftheDay: CHANGES (Black Sabbath cover) by CHARLES BRADLEY

charlesbradleychangesI’ve never made it a secret that Volume 4 by Black Sabbath is my favorite of their recordings, but I can also say that I usually skip this tune altogether most of the time.  Changes either made me feel super down or it just never felt right to me as a ‘Sabbath song.  But now, this Charles Bradley version has brought it back to life!  As if the tune was meant to be a soul song, it has such a power with the horns and feel of this version.  And, that friggin’ voice, wow.  In soul music you can really feel the pain of the lyrics, and Bradley does such an amazing job here.  Fuck’n right. – FATS