Saturday Morning Cartoons: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (CBS 1984)

Dungeons & Dragons / CBS – 9:30 AM

91O2Mx-RPoL._SL1500_Everyone I ask says this was a great cartoon! Based on the game that started in 1974, this was a second season with new episodes.

All-star cast of voices –
Willie Ames (Eight is Enough) as Hank, Donny Most (Happy Days) as Eric, Adam Rich (Eight is Enough) as Presto, Peter Cullen (Sonny and Cher) as Venger, Frank Welker as Uni, Ted Field as Bobby among others.

A group of six kids ride an amusement park attraction into a medieval world populated by wizards and fire-breathing reptiles. Trapped in a game world, they assume new identities to help the malevolent Dungeonmaster battle the evil Verger.

Returned for repeats in 1987 and 1990. A final episode where the kids made it back to reality was plotted but never filmed.

Dungeons and Dragons was cited by one of those advocacy groups as being the most violent show on TV in 1984.

Dungeons & Dragons – 01 – The Night Of No Tomorrow