THE FRIGGINHOLIDAYS: Bill Burr Makes Homemade Pie Crust

billsapplepieT’is the friggin’ season, and what better way to make your family not hate you then by baking some holiday sweets for everyone. Comedian Bill Burr has hung out with me (via his amazing Monday Morning Podcast) every Monday evening for the post two years while I make dinner for my lovely wife and I.  Heck, the dude has even given me some baking tips.  Well, he finally put his red-headed friggin’ mouth where his money is and made an instructional video on how to properly make a pie crust.  Sweet tits that’s awesome.  Make sure you check out his new Netflix show ‘F is for Family’ coming real soon, and for fuck sake, get over the iTunes and subscribe to his insane podcast.  For now, here’s ol’ Billy fuckaroo leading us down the rabbit hole in the kitchen.  My wife laughed and said, ‘Fuck that guy.  I can do better than that.’  Hilarious. – FATS

Bill Burr Makes Homemade Pie Crust