I spent the weekend listening to and trying to break down 3 bands that are in all honesty pretty good.  While they will never make my top 100 bands of all time list, and all have critical faults that I really can’t get behind, I just can’t bring myself to rip on them.  They really haven’t done anything wrong, but bore me or annoy me with how over hyped they were.  Sometimes their personalities just drove me nuts.  After spending 3 days listening to them, I can see that I was either kinda wrong, or that my view was just kinda skewed and out of focus.

81BwxFuD-IL._SL1400_FUGAZI.  While I find the early Fugazi albums monotonous, “End HIts” is a really good and unique album; it’s them aging and trying new things.  I realized half way through my multi-paragraph review of them that I had broken my own rule.  I was holding my dislike of Ian MacKaye personality against the music.  I know I will get shit for this, but I am just not a fan. I respect what he stands for, but his public personality just rubs me the wrong way.  For all I know he could be cool as shit when you hang out with just him.  Still I was holding a musicians personality and actions (while I believe in most of Fugazi’s morale stances some of the business ones relating to music I just can’t get behind) against his music.  I don’t do that, and that review can sit in my drafts box for the rest of time as an example of what I shouldn’t be doing.

slint_smile_8x10_300_sRGB1SLINT has really, really lame vocals.  Remove those and I would be all over them.  I overlook vocals in so many other bands I should probably give Slint the same respect.  If “Spiderland” was instrumental I would listen to it all the time.
AT THE DRIVE-IN.  The only thing they are guilty of is me being older than their intended audience when I first heard them.  I could see 14-year-old Shane really digging them, but 23-year-old Shane just hated every note they played  (If you think I am an asshole now, you should have met me at that age; I was filled with little but alcohol, depression, and hate).  15 years later I can see their place in music. They are an okay band, kinda immature, but I think that atthedriveinis part of what they are doing; it is supposed to be kids having fun playing music.  I sometimes forget fun exists in me being a mostly miserable prick.
I often get trapped in nuances of thought.  I spend too much time isolated and get all fucked up and lose sight of important facts and factors while over thinking minor points.  On Saturday I started talking to my co-workers about this article and one kinda made me realize that I was losing the bigger picture; maybe picking the wrong targets and that my rage was somewhat misguided.  He was right.  I was trapped in my small universe and that I was ripping on bands that were inspiring and creative for purely egotistical reasons.  I’m not comfortable with being that big of a dick anymore. – SHANE