WOAH: Customer at German sex shop which was burning to the ground around him had to be rescued by firefighters because he refused to leave until he reached the climax of Throbbin Hood

Fireman had to drag a man out of a German sex shop which was burning to the ground after he refused to leave until he reached the end of porn film ‘Throbbin Hood’.

The man, who has not been named, was alone in a locked video cabin watching the adult film when the building caught alight.

But despite the flames edging closer to him and smoke inhalation causing him to cough, he was adamant he wanted to stay until the end of the film.

2ECB254800000578-0-image-a-43_1448448133416This forced firefighters to race into the shop called SexyAngel, located on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, known as the ‘square mile of sin.’

The man was found by what authorities described as a ‘state of high sexual arousal’ and dragged from the burning shop.

As the firefighters brought him to safety, he could be heard saying: ‘I have paid 7.50 euros for this and I haven’t finished yet!’

Pictures after he was rescued showed him sitting on the ground in a blanket while being looked after by paramedics.

Fire service spokesman Martin Schneider said: ‘He only came out after our people were battering against the locked cabin door.

‘Once it was open they grabbed him and dragged him to safety. He need treatment at hospital for smoke inhalation.’

Two workers from the shop were also slightly injured in the blaze, but they refused hospital treatment.