GREEN THUMB: This Bong Is Made From Ice, Shut Up And Take My Money!

I think we can all agree that bongs have their ups and downs. On the one hand they can get you to whole new levels of medicated, while on the other hand they can often be dirty, smelly, hard to clean, and easily broken. Not to mention the price tag that comes along with some of them. What if there was a way to avoid all of those negatives and still get to enjoy a nice smooth bong hit? Well now there is, with a product that I’ve been particularly excited about this year, the Eyce Bong.

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The Eyce bong is the result of one company’s absolutely brilliant idea, to make a bong entirely made out of ice. Of course there are going to be a few complications along the way when developing such a thing, but Eyce has created a mold that works flawlessly. The Eyce mold allows the user to create Eyce-Bongtheir own bongs by simply filling the mold with water and throwing it in the freezer for a while. After the ice bong is removed from the mold there are still a few silicone pieces that stay on it to keep the bong from melting when it’s being held and hit. The down stem fits 9mm bowl pieces, but the grommet section fits both 14mm and 18mm adapters as well. The Eyce bong completely does away with the need to hit or clean dirty glass. Every Eyce bong is fresh and clean, while the old one can be shattered on the sidewalk when you’re done. Try to tell me that smashing your bong every time you’re done with it isn’t the most fun thing you’ve ever heard.

By making the bong out of ice the company has added a few additional benefits. For example, they’ve got a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty on a product that makes you as many bongs as you want for only $90.00 is an insanely good deal. On top of that, the ice has an incredible cooling effect on the smoke, resulting in a very smooth hit. Eyce claims that they’ve scientifically proven it to be the coldest smoke on the market. The mold works both vertically and horizontally, and should fit in all standard freezer sizes. The company recently improved its product by releasing the Eyce 2.0, which is essentially the same thing, but with a few additional features. Who would have guessed that this year’s hottest cannabis product might be made of ice?