SongoftheDay: TIME by ASTEROID

SongoftheDay:  TIME by ASTEROID

Asteroid are a stoner/Fuzz band from Örebro, Sweden founded in late 2003. They are known for their signature bluesy, psychedelic sound. The band is currently on hiatus.

The band was formed by Johannes Nilsson on vocals and guitar, Robin Hirse on vocals and bass and Martin Ström on drums in late 2003. This line-up Asteroid Web 2013.jpg-for-webquickly released their 2004 Demo and a self titled EP in 2005 and began to extensively tour Europe. In 2006 the band released a split album with fellow Swedish stoner rock band Blowback, before releasing their first solo album, 2007’s Asteroid.

Some time after the release of their first album, Ström left the band and was replaced on drums by Elvis Campbell, who first appears on 2009’s II. II was recorded by Oscar Campbell, Elvis’ brother, in the forest at ‘The Organ Donor transplant plant/The Planet of the Black Keys’ recording studio, during the winter of ’08/’09. Campbell left the band in 2012 and was replaced on drums by Henrik Jansson. Jansson made his first appearance on the rare vinyl 7″ release Move a Mountain. Jansson left soon after, with Campbell stepping back into the band for touring. Asteroid is presently on a hiatus with Hirse currently focussing on his new project, The Sun, The Moon & The Witch’s Blues. Johannes and Elvis recently formed a forest metal project called Mörkla, together with Andreas Lupieri.