NEWS: Holiday help? Supermarket to hire ‘Christmas light untangler’ to help with unwieldy holiday lights

Could you imagine?  I would lose my freakin’ mind within 5 minutes of this shit.  So many lights, so much tangle.  I bet making sure all of the lights work will be enveloped into this job as well.  That shit would send me over the edge.  But hey, folks need a wage, and there are worse jobs out there. – FATS


It won’t be long before you start putting up your Christmas lights, and we all know how frustrating it can be to deal with a box full of tangled lights and wires.

Tesco, a U.K. supermarket chain, feels your pain. The store will hire a “Christmas light untangler” so customers can bring their lights into the store and get help sorting them out.

The holiday helper should be able to “successfully untangle customers’ Christmas lights neatly, quickly and efficiently and in an orderly fashion.”

The ideal candidate, the store said, would “be able to untangle three meters of Christmas lights in under three minutes.”