NERD ALERT: Jedi of the Week – KI-ADI MUNDI

Known by the Star Wars world as a general of sorts, this Cerean belongs on the list simply due to his level of badassery alone. He was beloved by the entire Jedi Council, which allowed him certain freedoms that few might have had. He ki_adi_mundi_by_thegerjooswas in favor of independence for his home of Cerea, which made him a very big proponent of peace.

The Jedi were known as peace keepers first and fighters second, which is why violence was never something they wanted to be involved in. Mundi fit this well, but when the light was green to fight, he would go out and kick tail like few could.

He was known for being right in the middle of any fight and would be one of the first people the enemy would see each and every time that he went into battle. This made many know him as fearless and it would only help him in the future.

It was the Battle of Cerea that changed him, as it was the time his entire family perished. This would only make him a more dedicated and even greater Jedi.

Ki-Adi-Mundi_Republic8He led many attacks on the Droid Foundries, which made him feared by many on the dark side.

He was on the Jedi Council at one point, mostly due to his wisdom; this before even becoming a Jedi Master, which was almost unheard of. His wisdom was something that made him great at what he did and his ability to be at the heart of any war without dying in the process makes you respect him greatly.