When John Speck, singer/guitarist for Detroit Rawk&Rollers the Skeemin NoGoods describes the bands self-titled debut LP as Twenty-seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds of foot up your ass, youd do well to believe him. Comprised of three of D-towns most renowned purveyors of ass-kickin noise, skeeminnogoods-zekesbbq-ferndale_mi-20150417-philconners-007the Skeemin NoGoods are well versed in the art of dishing out some rock n roll fury. Drummer Chuck Burns (Speedball, Seduce), bassist Ron Sakowski (Necros, Laughing Hyenas, Easy Action) and singer/guitarist Speck (The Fags, Hoarse, The Paybacks) have been showing the kids how its done for years. And together, as the Skeemin NoGoods, they have taken their collective knowledge of breakneck, chord-mashing rock and punk and forged it into a formidable 11-song platter for the Dallas-based Idol Records. Penned almost entirely by Speck (notable exceptions are “Politicians” by pal/ex-guitarist Ben Mancell, and a raucous cover of “I Don’t Like You” by a pre-bonehead Skrewdriver!), whose thunderous roar and sweat-drenched guitar permeate every track, Skeemin NoGoods picks up the gauntlet laid down by Motorhead and KISS, and wrings every worthy note out of it. With Burns and Sakowski knockin the fuck out of the rhythm, you may want to maintain a safe distance from the speakers lest they knock your ass right out. Theres no shortage of pale pretenders out there. But if you want the real deal — and you want it hard dont sleep on this one. Grab a copy of Skeemin NoGoods and watch 90% of your record collection cower in shame.