SongoftheDay: SEER by WITCH


826fca1207376eafdf61d43d26c47176Yeah, it doesn’t get much more fuzztastic than this.  Good ol’ J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. felt the need to grapple through the murk that is doom.  Lurking in the shadows of Massachusetts and Vermont, this ghastly hippies gallop across the psych landscape spreading their tale of bind-bending fuzz.  Don’t get them mixed up with Sweden’s Witchcraft, who had a similar sound.  Witch is glowing in the night, lighting towns ablaze, sparking pipes across the land.  Be lemming, be light, be luscious, be lewd.  Be crafty, be celestial, be crap, be crude.  Be in, be id, be inclement, be it.  Be sampled, be simple, be something, be shit. – FATS