MUSIC NEWS WITH GARY: Billy Gibbons Postpones Solo Tour

It’s all that friggin’ fuzz on them heavier records that makes me dance; that dirty amp sound that gets under your skin like a bad rash from the country fair.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing a Gibson guitar plugged into a Marshall amp turned up right friggin’ loud.  Guys like Angus Young have been bfg640-640x640making that ‘clean-dirty’ sound for decades now.  Another master of this is Billy Gibbons from friggin’ ZZ TOP.  Say what ya want about the dance beat shit they did in the 80s, but that guy comes up with some of the right friggin’ raunchiest blues riffs with that sound.  It’s been like 30 years, but it seems ol’ Billy Red Beard is taking his show on the road solo.  Yup, all by his lonesome he’s made a record and plans to tour the thing across America.  It seems this album will have a different flavor though.

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The upcoming release, Perfectamundo, finds the ZZ Top guitarist putting his own spin on Afro-Cuban music. Gibbons has assembled a band comprised of Latin musicians that he’s dubbed the “BFG’s” for the album and tour.  Afro-Cuban music eh?  Curious if this still needs that ‘clean-dirty’ sound we dearly Billy_Gibbons_of_ZZ_Top_performing_in_San_Antonio,_Texas_2015love of his playing? Gibbons doesn’t see that much difference between what he’s doing now and his day job. “Deep at the core of everything we do,” he said, “either as ZZ Top or with the Perfectamundo aggregation, is the blues. That’s the diamond and we found a way to put it into a new, Afro-Cuban setting. It really does come from the same place.”

Well, if you have tickets already, ya might want to figure some stuff out, because, for whatever reason, the tour has been postponed a bit.  Perhaps the beard barber was all booked and couldn’t make the right modifications happen before the tour started – or maybe ol’ Billy’s got a case of the old man and needs to gear up for the jaunt.

The tour was originally scheduled to begin in Atlanta on Nov. 10, but will now commence on Nov. 27 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. But the press release says that Gibbons will make up the dates in those cities in early 2016. No reason was given for the switch. – GARY

Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s 2015 U.S. Tour
Nov. 27 — Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Nov. 28 — Fort Pierce, Fla.
Nov. 29 — Saint Petersburg, Fla.
Dec. 1 — New Orleans, La.
Dec. 3 — Houston, Texas
Dec. 4 — Austin, Texas
Dec. 5 — Lubbock, Texas
Dec. 7 — Solana Beach, Calif.
Dec. 8 — Los Angeles, Calif.
Dec. 9 — San Francisco, Calif.
Dec. 11 — Portland, Ore.
Dec. 12 — Aberdeen, Wash.
Dec. 13 — Seattle, Wash.
Dec. 17-20 — Havana, Cuba