THE REEL BINGE with Lee Ostler: À l’intérieur (A.K.A Inside) (2007)

Written/Directed by Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury

I’m going with another French Horror film this week. Go with the dubbed one. I’m going to keep it pretty brief, as there isn’t exactly a whole lot of plot to discuss, and it’s only 80 minutes long. Inside (2007) is probably the Horror film I suggest to people most. Sure, It’s incredibly violent, but that’s not why I like it a-l-interieur-poster_131807_37798so much. I’m not a big gore-for-gore’s sake fan. The tension in this film is just amazing. It builds and builds without any let up. I love this movie because it knows what it is. This is suppose to shock and scare you, and it does so better than just about any flick around. No ghosts needed here, no winking humor, and particularly, no half measures. This film is a fucking assault on the viewer. I love it.
Months after losing her husband in car crash in which she was driving, a pregnant, Sarah is home alone on Christmas Eve. She is waiting to go to the hospital in the morning in order to induce labor. A woman in black appears at her door, and she wants that fucking baby! There are a few visitors along the way. This only adds to the insanity, blood and body count. It all leads to one of the most shocking and horrific endings to a flick I’ve ever seen. This fucking thing left me stunned all the way through the credits into black. I’ve seen Inside (2007) at least 5 times now and it does it to me every single time. That’s quite an accomplishment for any film.

Associated Recommendations:

Inside (2007) falls firmly into my favorite Horror sub-genre, the home invasion horror. Here’s a few that will have you double checking locks looking out the window a bit more at night.
The Strangers (2008): This one stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple who are having a bad night. He has proposed and she has said no. It’s 4 AM and they’re both heartbroken in their rural home. It’s all quite well acted, shot and written (Joanna Newsom on the turntable is real nice touch). There is a knock on the door followed by a remarkable change in tone as shit gets scary and violent pretty quick.
Funny Games (2007):  Michael Haneke’s shot-for-shot English language re-make of his 1997 Austrian film of the same name. I prefer this version for the tumblr_mbwla4CwxI1qzdglao1_1280simple reason that I prefer the acting. That’s really the only difference between the two versions. Everything else is essentially the same. Tim Roth and Naomi Watts play a wealthy couple who are visiting they’re summer home with their son.  Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet play two young men who are sent by the neighbors to borrow a few eggs. It becomes clear that the two young, intelligent, well spoken men are up to something and it just gets worse and worse and worse…. Michael Pitt really impresses here.
Straw Dogs (1971):  Sam Peckinpah’s masterpiece is really essential viewing. David, an American academic played by Dustin Hoffman moves to his new wife’s hometown in rural England. His new wife’s ex boyfriend is the local bully and he fucking hates David. Terrible things happen and David, the pacifist, is forced to protect his wife and himself form the locals looking to fuck them up while they hole up at home. Not a straight up Horror, but scary and violent as hell. Very controversial at the time of it’s release for it’s depiction of rape and realistic, raw violence. If you have not seen this you are in for a treat.
You’re Next (2011): Above average, but not great. A wealthy family enjoys a reunion at a secluded country mansion. Things go awry when attackers from outside start picking off the guests. They have creepy masks. Violence and scary with a good plot twist  Notable for the acting appearance of prolific mumble-core writer and director, Joe Swanberg. his last few flicks include, Drinking Buddies (2013), Happy Christmas (2014) and Digging for Fire (2015) are all highly recommended.. Not Horror in any way, just very good – LEE

À l’intérieur (Inside) Trailer HD

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