THE MILK SONG from SESAME STREET (Ethan Iverson – 1975)

Okay, I know this is a space for the righteous, the fuzznastic, the grandest of song, but this friggin’ gem was highlighted on the podcast this week and needs to be shared for all.  Many a day was spent in my house with Sesame Street on the tube, partially because it was a good way to pacify my brother and I when hqdefault (1)we were toddlers, but also because it was good friggin’ television for kids.  Looking back, it may have been that the 70s and early 80s were a freaky time, but some of the shit Sesame Street produced back then was right wacky.  On the podcast this week I mentioned that this particular clip terrified me as a kid, and be assured that it wasn’t the film of the farm that messed me up, it clearly the creepy friggin’ song, enhanced my the baby crying.  It still gives me a cold shiver across my spine. (shudder)

When interviewed, Milk Song composer Ethan Iverson stated that “Yeah… Jim. Look, I thought we would show how milk gets made with no script and no dialogue. Yeah. Let’s just go shoot footage of farmers and the milk truck, maybe hqdefaultthrow in a crying baby and some weird, monotone music crafted by some composer who likes jazzy stuff played by a chamber ensemble. Sunny day? Nah. Let’s not make it cheerful or happy. We should make it gloomy and unsettling. Oh, and Jim? To do it right, we need some crane shots, a huge decal for the truck, and about four and a half minutes running time.” FATS