MUSIC NEWS WITH GARY: Iommi and Ward still pals, but he ain’t friggin’ drumming on the last tour

It’s bringing a tear to our glazed-over eyes, but it the time has come for the Lords of Metal to finally call’r quits.  Randy won’t even discuss it, and continues to do the ‘la, la, la’ thing with his hands over his ears when I try to talk to him about it.  He then runs to his room, slams the door, flops on the bed and has a little cry.  Yeah, the final run for Black Sabbath is a sad state of affairs, but by Jesus it’s about friggin’ time.  They have been a hollow shell of billward5612their former selves for quite some time now.  With Ozzy and his bucket of water and teleprompter, Tony and his friggin’ cancer, and the utter shit show that it Bill Ward; if it wasn’t for Geezer this joke would have died a long while ago.  But, the band is doing one last tour.  Question is: Will Bill Ward drum on that tour.  I sure as fuck hope not.

Tony Iommi hasn’t closed the door on one last reunion with original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, but he doesn’t sound optimistic. But as the guitarist tells Gigwise, there have been no discussions on the topic.

“No, to be honest,” Iommi replied when asked if Ward was approached about returning to the band. “I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. But who knows? You never know.”

Gary and I took the ladies to see Black Sabbath on both reunion tours, one with Ward and one with Ozzy’s drummer Tommy Clufetos, and it was night and day.  I love Bill Ward, but he just can’t do it anymore.  He was a friggin’ fumbly with his sticks, and it caused the band to play the songs too friggin’ slow.  When Clufetos was behind the kit, it sounded like ‘Sabbath of old.  Well, with your granddad singing, but that’s another story.

Bill-WardWard, who played on all of Black Sabbath’s ’70s-era classics, had a public falling out with the group in the run-up to 2013’s reunion album 13. He said
they didn’t present him with a “signable contact“; singer Ozzy Osbourne countered by insisting that Ward was in no shape to tour.

Apparently, Tony and Bill still hang from time to time, or at least keep in touch, but as Iommi recalled. “Bill and I stayed in contact. Not as much as we used to, but we do stay in contact. But it was really nice to see him, and it was just a nice warm feeling to be with Bill again.”

It’s sad that the whole gang can’t giv’r one last time, and I know it’s breaking Randy’s heart, but if they are going to leave us – they might as well not suck doing it.  Long live ‘Sabbath. – GARY