Apparently, Glenn Danzig Beat a Fan on Stage in Montreal

Word is, a fan at the Montreal Danzig concert decided to take a picture of the band, and got his head kicked in.  Okay, that sucks, but what sucks more is Danizg had his security guards fuck him 12118932_1234525303239809_6165941603238981854_nup, then hold him so he couldn’t defend himself, and hit him himself.  The fan is listed as being from Ireland, and states that the police wouldn’t do anything because neither involved were Canadian, and there was no evidence of the assault.  Nope.  No video of the offence, because folks were terrified to film anything.

Granted, there were a few mentions from the stage about prohibiting the recording of the band in anyway, but to pound on the offender, who reportedly paid over $100 on merch as well as the ticket price, is disgusting.  To have security do it for you, then hit him while they hold him, is an act of utter contempt and cowardice.  How does this happen?  How did he get away with it?  Hey Glenn, phones are everywhere shithead, people are going to take pictures you scumbag.  What a fucking douchebag.  – FATS