REPLAY Podcast Episode #46: KYLE SHUTT of THE SWORD

microphone-iconOne man’s floor in another man’s ceiling.  Hearing more and more about The Sword, of course I had to get my hands on some and see what the buzz is about.  But, of course, like the dusted whino I am, I snooze and years go by without me every hearing the band.  Well, I heard about their latest record, High Country (we got a bit too high on the podcast and called the record Hill Country – kids, say no to drugs) and much to my surprise, I really friggin’ like it. I was surprised because of all the negativity about it on the interweb.  So, Dan and I want your opinion.  This week on the show we start off by having a quick listen to some of the record and try to suss out the negativity.  I love the record, so everyone else can fuck off, but we thought it would fun to see what you guys think too.  Then, Dan gets the chance to have a great chat with Kyle Shutt from the Sword about the record and how they felt about making it.  This is a new format this week, and it brings back Compton Cracker to the m.i.c..  We hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think. – FATS

Podcast Episode #46: KYLE SHUTT of THE SWORD

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