MUSIC NEWS WITH GARY: Twisted Sister Calls’r Quits After One Last Run Around The Country

Randy and I were having a right friggin’ chuckle the other day over that dude who played the Dad in the Twisted Sister ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ video MarkMetcalf-e1324057416429from back in the day.  What a knob.  Well, I guess it was the 80s, and if you went into your kids’ room and found them with all their hair teased out while wearing pants with 50 fucking zippers in them, and weird make-up on, you might blow a gasket too.  Thankfully,  most folks have got over all that and let their kids wear whatever the fuck they want now, but it was a hoot seeing that army-fuckery guy losing his marbles over his kid simply wanting to friggin’ rock.  All he wanted to do was rock, man – chill the fuck out.

Well, that was a long friggin’ time ago, and Dee and the boys have decided to call’r quits after one last tour.  It sucks hard, but their long-time drummer, AJ Pero, passed away suddenly last year while out on tour with his other band, and the ‘Twister boys just don’t want to do it without him.  Fuck’n Right – that’s some solid loyalty right there.  That Hello Kitty drum fiasco looney-tunes Mike Portnoy will fill the drumming slot for the final dance around the country for what the band is calling the “Forty and Fuck It’ tour.  There will be a tribute night dedicated to the memory of AJ Pero on June 13 in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom.  I guess, when it comes to touring and this rock and friggin’ roll lifestyle, Dee and the boys just won’t take it, anymore.  See what I did there?  Fuck’n Right! – GARY

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