MUSIC NEWS WITH GARY: Lemmy Friggin’ Baffled by Range of Motorhead Sex Toys

Ya know, I can see Lemmy being fully versed in management’s decisions to create a Motorhead whiskey, because if I was friggin’ Lemmy, I’d have a whiskey too, but sex toys – that one even had Tammy blushing.  “They do a deal 1972581529with our manager, then he tells us and it’s too late to change it. The sex toy thing was a surprise, but it seems to be working out”, says the master blaster Lemmy himself.  Within seconds of learning about these dancing sticks, Tammy had the tassels flapping on her Harley Davidson purse, had her plastic out, and was ordering herself some motor head – so to speak.

Chad did say something about getting his hands on some of the Motorhead whiskey at the end of the month, and Tammy will have a bounce in her step soon enough, but I think I’ll just stick to the smash of their new album Bad MagicGARY

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