MUSIC NEWS WITH GARY: Nick Oliveri to Join John Garcia on Stage to Play Some Kyuss – friggin’ right!

and-so-it-shall-beeWell, holy geez, will ya look at that.  That friggin’ wildman Nick “Bobby Dangler” Oliveri is getting all geared up to play a few friggin’ Kyuss tunes with his old mate John Garcia.  Fuck’n Right!  This wallop of a good time will happen Nov. 1 in Pomona, California, at The Glass House.  Never been to this boozer, but it’s a good bet ya don’t throw any friggin’ rocks in there eh? Those stoner wackos Spirit Caravan will be on that bill as well, as they will be finishing up a tour across them United States with Nick’s Mondo Generator, who will also be laying waste that fine evening.  Any chance you can get to have some Kyuss thrown down your throat by a few of the original members is pretty friggin’ sweet indeed.  If you’re anywhere near this, it’s a good bet you should be out there gettin’ right gibbled with them.  Fuck’n Right! – GARY

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