MUSIC NEWS WITH GARY: Friggin’ Glenn Danzig Croonin’ the Classics on ‘Skeletons’

Randy just friggin’ loves Danzig eh.  Always with the “mother woaholf” singing in the shower.  Me, I love the tiny version that wacko in England sings about in that bus sing-along song from that Almost somethin’ movie.  Anyway, it looks like the demon lord himself has gone and got himself into a record of friggin’ cover tunes by the likes of other madmen like Johnny friggin’ Cash and Elvis Glenn-Danzig-Elvis-Presleybloody Presley.  The crazy crooner even takes on covers of ZZ TOP, Aerosmith, The Troggs, The Everly Brothers, and my friggin’ favorite band of all time – the mighty fucking Black Sabbath.  Randy’s already told me how much Danzig is going to ‘giv’r’ on that ‘Sabbath tune.  Well, I’m not totally sold as of yet.  I think he’s got a bit of an Elvis thing going on, and maybe I’m a giggled goof, but I’m not all that excited to hear anymore friggin’ Aerosmith news unless the mustache country singer in that band gets thrown off another stage.   Steven Victor Tallarico can fuck right off.

It looks like ol’ Danzig will be hitting a few classic tunes on this one though.  Among the tracks, he takes Presley’s “Let Yourself Go” from the film “Speedway” and transforms it with a swinging distorted stomp and bluesy 1401x788-97767893vocal crescendo. “I thought it was a song I could do something really cool with,” he says. “It’s also something that I didn’t think anyone would necessarily
expect. When you tell them you’re going to do an Elvis cover, they expect something they know. Not a lot of people know this one. It’s actually on the ”68 Comeback Special’, and it’s worth going back to.”  THE TROGGS’ “A Girl Like You” becomes a punkified juggernaut in his hands with its fuzzed-out guitars, pounding drums and the trademark Danzig ring-a-ding sing-a-long choruses.

In this fancy press release I got here, it says that, ultimately, “Skeletons” sparks the next phase for Danzig. Helping catalyze his next full-length offering and 2015 tour plans, it’s yet another revolution. “I hope people dig it,” he leaves off. MI0001457131“I also hope it gives everybody a little bit of insight into the music I listen to and maybe an insight into how I did the songs. If you enjoy it, that’s great.”
He just so friggin’ polite eh?  I’ve always been down with his haunting drawl dragging alone the under-produced roar of the Misfits, but never got too behind the posturing of his solo work.  Don’t tell that to fucking Randy though – holy geez he loves this guy.  I did have a pretty good chuckle when I saw the cover art for ‘Skeletons’ though – pretty sweet man-boobs on Glen now eh?  Fuck’n Right! – GARY

Skeletons” track listing:

01. Devil’s Angels (DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS cover)
02. Satan (theme from “Satan’s Sadists”)
03. Let Yourself Go (ELVIS PRESLEY cover)
04. N.I.B. (BLACK SABBATH cover)
05. Lord Of The Thighs (AEROSMITH cover)
06. Action Woman (THE LITTER cover)
07. Rough Boy (ZZ TOP cover)
08. With A Girl Like You (THE TROGGS cover)
09. Find Somebody (THE RASCALS cover)
10. Crying In The Rain (THE EVERLY BROTHERS cover)

Skeletons” is due on November 27 via Evilive/AFM.