NEWS: Megadeth Leave ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due’ Out of Chinese Set Lists

Megadeth‘s “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” has been an important part of their setlists ever since it appeared on 1990’s Rust in Peace. However, the band has temporarily dropped it for their tour of China, with Dave Mustaine citing the nation’s laws as the reason.

In response to a fan who noticed its omission, Mustaine tweeted, “The police let us playing there, but I had to respect their laws about religion & politics. We’ll Megadeth-Dave-Mustaine-2015-foto-2play it in Tokyo.” The song deals with the then-ongoing conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Also missing from their set in Beijing on Oct. 6, which was shorter than usual, was “Angry Again.” In addition, the band played instrumental takes of “Skin o’ My Teeth,” “Dawn Patrol,” “Poison Was the Cure” and Thin Lizzy‘s “Cold Sweat.” They brought back the vocals for all those songs in Shanghai on Thursday night, however.

Another change from the show was the person occupying the drum seat. Chis Adler, who recently joined the group, has been absent from the two China shows due to his commitments with Lamb of God. Tony Laureano, the band’s drum tech, filled in for Adler.

Megadeth’s tour of the Far East continues in Tokyo tomorrow (Oct. 11), before moving on to Australia, India and Russia, with a few dates in Ireland and the U.K. On Jan. 22, 2016, Megadeth will release their 15th LP, Dystopia. It’s their first with Adler and new guitarist Kiko Loureiro.