Del Toros: Surfvival of the Rockest

One thing I loved about the Rollins band was that it was 5 different induviduals. Rollins, Haskett, Weiss, Sim Cain and Theo Van Rock. Im pretty sure my Buddies and I were the only once in the crowd who were just as big of a fan of Theo than of Rollins. I use to love when Rollins would say into the Mic “Theo, More vocal in the monitor” you knew you were in Good hands.

So when Matt from Self Destructo sent me the new Del-Toros CD Surfival of the Rockest,  I knew them from being a fan of Theo Van Rock.del to

Del-toros are a three piece surf/punk/stoner band from the town of Alkmaar (West Holland). These guys have been slowly, but steadily releasing music and playing around Western Europe and Scandinavia since they formed a few years ago. Del-Toros are worth checking out if you are down with the likes of Los Straightjackets, Deke Dickerson, or Dick Dale.

My great Grandpapy would always answer people when asked if he liked something “its good, its not bad, but its not great, right down the middle good” That sums it up for me.