The Glorious Tool The Aliens Left Behind Called Duct Tape

Duct tape and camping, do not leave home without it

The remarkable handyman, Mr. Duct Tape is a must have for any household. Camping and duct tape is similar to taking the first aide kit. You do not want to duct_tape_swords_3_by_ootman-d345d6xleave home without this extraordinary invention. Below are remedies for picnic, camping, and outdoor mishaps.

1.Dry those wet towels tear a long string of duct tape twist it together( 6 to 8 feet) then tie between two trees or strong branches. Result Clothes Line.

2. Kids say they are bored. Remedy use the clothes line and cut it in half. What do you have? Two Jump ropes. you could join in and get some exercise yourself.

3.Take the top of a cardboard box, draw a picture of a sword. Cut it out. Duct tape the sword. Wrap the handle a few times with the duct tap. The soldiers can ward off any mean critters.

Duct-Tape (1)4.This is a fun activity.Take a cardboard box. Make a “Tin Man” Cut arms hole in the sides of the box,tape the top shut, cut out room for the neck. Wrap the duct tape around the box. Keep the back open,to take off and put on..

5.Tell the kiddos any complaints the mouth will get duct taped. (kidding)

7. Tear in the tent, grab Mr. Duct tape..

8. The canoe has a leak. Oops. Duct tape will hold it together. The kids little pool has a leak. Grab Mr.Duct tape, to the rescue.

10. Someone backed into a tree.The tail lights cracked.duct tape comes in a variety of colors so if you have the red or clear one grab it. The taillight will stay repaired for months.

11. The lawn chair webbing is coming apart. Get a colored duct tape tape sticky sides together. Take out the old webbing. Screw in the new duct tape webbing. Works like a charm I have repaired many a lawn chair.The repair last and lasts.

12. Wart remover. Yep, and it works better then any store remedy. It worked I tried it on a stubborn wart on my inner thumb. It was gone in 8 days. It has been 5 Month’s. Cut a small piece of duct tape to cover the wart, tape on the 54cb4e31aa584_-_duct-tape-uses-01-0914-deskin. Cover with a band-aid if desired. Change daily.One week Wart is gone. Who needs to pay Mr.Wart Doctor? Save time and money,remove it yourself. Natural wart remover.

13. Keep ticks, mosquito’s, Nat’s off of you on your next outing. Wrap the tape around the cuff of your long pants. No critter will get under your skin.This tip is great for bicycle riders, Keep the pants away from the bike chain. Be Safe.

14. The fishing hole turned muddy with the evening rain Tape your shoes with duct tape. Solution dry feet, remove tape after use for clean shoes.This is great for gardeners as well.

11138c9c423efe1fa313e0dd2242d54415. The flies are driving you nuts around your picnic area..Hang a couple
strips of Duct tape from a tree branch,sticky side out.The flies are drawn to the ingredients in the tape. They are stuck, not to bother you any longer.

Did you know that duct tape was called duck tape during World War II when it was invented by the Johnson and Johnson company? Since Duck tape repels water like the back of a duck the name was a given.The soldiers would tape cracks in the windshields of military vehicles and repair the cracked tail lights. Years later Duct Work installers found it was fantastic for taping the piece work together. It was then renamed Duct Tape.