NEWS: Nominate The Whiskey Charmers for the Ameripolitan Awards 2016!

The Whiskey Charmers are included on the list of Ameripolitan artists at and are eligible to be nominated for the 2016 11998824_1234196416605938_1137819930997953431_nAmeripolitan Awards which take place in Austin, Texas on February 16th. If
you would like to nominate them, simply send an email to and paste in/fill out any of the categories below. Their category is Honky Tonk!  Do it…

Honky Tonk Female:
Honky Tonk Male:
Honky Tonk Group:
Outlaw Female:
Outlaw Male:
Outlaw Group:
Western Swing Female:
Western Swing Male:
Western Swing Group:
Rockabilly Female:
Rockabilly Male:
Rockabilly Group:
Ameripolitan Musician:
Ameripolitan Venue:
Ameripolitan DJ:
Ameripolitan Festival: