REPLAY Podcast Episode #44: Jason Cruz

microphone-iconGive me a bass guitar, a set of drums, a microphone, and I’ll make something nice with that.  Give me a pencil and I’ll write you a great story.  But, ask me to draw something and you’ll get the worst stick drawing you’ve ever seen.  Yet, visual art has always fascinated me; I have a true love for it.  This week we have a special guest on the podcast.  Jason Cruz has been drawing his whole life, and has done some amazing work for companies such as Joyride Snowboards, West Coast Choppers, Harley Davidson, Mattel’s Hot Wheels, and Quicksilver, to name a few.  He’s also the leader of one of the coolest van enthusiasts clubs – The Vandeleros.  Dan and Jason get into it about being a starving artist, the ups and downs of art school, finding your way with your talents, graffiti art, and the love of Kustom Kulture.  This week is all about art, and how art makes the world go ’round.  Check it.

Podcast Episode #44: Jason Cruz

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