NEWS: The scientist who discovered water on Mars had a death metal band

Lujendra Ojha is a 25-year-old prodigy who once loved to headbang.

While it’s exciting to dig up the musical pasts of cast members from Orange is the New Black or The Kids in the Hall, this discovery is interstellar.

The name Lujendra “Luju” Ojha might be familiar if you’ve been following the fascinating news of water discovered on the surface of Mars. An interview with tech site CNET explained that the 25-year-old Nepalese-American grad student aided in the findings of recurring slope lineae(lines of flowing salt water) on the Red Planet. CNET also revealed that Ojha was once the singer/guitarist in an unnamed death metal band.

“That was an old life,” said Ojha. “I was kind of in poverty with music. I wasn’t making enough money so I said screw music, let’s go to science, maybe there’s more money in it. But there isn’t money in science either.”

So far there hasn’t been any info uncovered on whether this band committed to a science theme like Lethbridge’s Myelin Sheaths. Ojha’s metal days might be behind him, but they clearly hold a place in his heart. The photo of an unrecognizably longhaired Luju below was taken from the homepage of his personal website.