NEWS: Kirk Hammett Debuts ‘Ghoul Screamer’ Effects Pedal

Want to play guitar like Kirk Hammett? Honestly, you most likely never will, but now you can at least buy his new officially endorsed effects pedal.

The Metallica guitarist has co-founded a company, KHDK Electronics, to produce a line of gear that includes the new Ghoul Screamer pedal, described by the company as “the consummate treat” for guitar players and “the perfect multipurpose guitar pedal, designed for the true guitar gearhead.” Available 06jun0112_pic16for sale on Oct. 31, the Screamer boasts an expanded array of controls designed to reflect Hammett’s own versatility — leaving him, in his own words, “excited as HELL!” about playing with the pedal.

“With Kirk’s diverse tones in mind, we knew he needed a Swiss Army knife of overdrives,” explains KHDK Chief Engineer Antonin Salva. “Under his direction, we achieved and surpassed his vision with the Ghoul Screamer.” Co-founder David Karon adds, “Kirk had a very specific vision for the Ghoul, to perfect a circuit loved by generations and create massive tones that redefine overdrive.”

KHDK’s product line also includes a pair of more specifically designed pedals (helpfully named No. 1 and No. 2), and the company’s gear has already amassed a collection of celebrity endorsements you can check out at the official site. Self-described as a “boutique guitar effects maker,” the company promises equipment that “caters to artists who are not afraid to push the envelope.” If this describes you, keep an eye out for the Ghoul Screamer, which should soon be available for pre-order.