THE UPSIDE with Shane Whitbread: SWITCH IT UP MOFO – 5 Horror Flicks You May Not Have Seen

I know a lot of people who do the “31 horror movies in 31 days” October Horror movie marathon; which is awesome.  A fun way to kill the evenings over the course of a month.  The issue is I always see kinda the same list of movies; a splattering of slasher flicks, a couple of classics, and the same George A Romero zombie flicks.  Here are a few suggestions to art it up a bit.  Invite all your friends over for a super pretentious night of abstract and incoherent horror, because if it makes sense you’re not doing it right.

beyond-the-silver-ferox-design-v1-web1.  THE BEYOND:   Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece.  The “plot” can be summed up as “The gates of hell open, bad shit happens”.  There is an overwhelming eerie, dreamlike state to this movie; scenes come and go as they want.  About half way through, any attempts at a coherent story are tossed out the window for insanity.  Add a fantastic score my Fabio Frizzi, and you’re in for a treat.  This movie comes up a lot in my little world.  It’s one of my favourite films of any genre.  Best part is, it is a beautiful movie, and Fulci’s use of one point perspective is amazing.  A fucking treat.

thevisitor_poster_web_v2__large2.  THE VISITOR:  Whoever thought combining Jodorowsky, The Omen, Carrie, and Star Wars together deserves thanks.  This movie, from the opening shot, is just fucking weird.  The offspring of an intergalactic warlord is loose on earth, and space Jesus has sent an old man to find her.  At least that is what I remember it being about. I really have no fucking clue.  This movie is batshit from the beginning. Maybe it is the editors fault, maybe they wanted it to be this abstract, it’s impossible to tell.  I’ve watched it twice this year and keep find new cool little things to like about it.

phase_iv3.  PHASE IV:  The only film to be directed by Saul Bass (IMDB him for more information).  Ants have been exposed to an unknown cosmic event, developed into the next step in evolution, and begin testing people for some unknown purpose..  The only shitty part about this film is the full, uncut version has never been released on DVD/Blu Ray (but is planned) so if you want the full Kubrick 2001-esque psychedelic ending you’ll have to look it up on YouTube. Thankfully, someone found it in the late 00’s and restored it.

eU5xg7WTJ5oOzbGrxYpNwrxu5JW4.  STAR CRYSTAL:  If you’ve already seen this, you probably wanna punch me in the face.  Possibly the shittiest alien clone movie ever made.  The ending and the final theme are just fucking incredible.  M. Night Whatthefuckever would be jealous.

possession5.  POSSESSION:  An absolutely bizarre 1981 horror flick staring the immortal Sam Neill.  The story is simple.  A man thinks his wife is cheating on him so he hires a PI to follow her.  That’s where normal ends.  It’s actually been years since I’ve seen this movie and now I really want to revisit it.  Just a weird, uncomfortable little movie.

So, next week I wanna review a classic rock album I’ve never heard.  Send suggestion my way via comments or, everything is up for consideration. – SHANE